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 Ven's big Sticky of Ven's and common Text talk

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Ventus BBS

Ventus BBS

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PostVen's big Sticky of Ven's and common Text talk

Let's start off simple
B.R.B=Be Right Back
G.2.G/G.T.G=Got to Go
L.O.L=Laugh Out Loud
O.M.G=Oh my Gosh
W.T.F=What the F**k
Now lets get a little more advanced
L.M.A.O=Laughing my Ass Off
R.O.F.L=Rolling on the Floor Laughing
R.O.F.L.O.L/L.M.A.O=Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud/Laughing my Ass Off
G.T.F.O=Get the F**k Out
Ven's Text talk
B.A.H=Bored as Hell
C.A.H=Confused as Hell
Y.C.G.D=You can Go Die
O.K If you have anymore that you made up or I forgot just post them in the comments below and remember use text talk as little as possible Thank You.

The Hero never wins
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Ven's big Sticky of Ven's and common Text talk :: Comments

IMO=in my opinion
TMI=too much info
AFK=away from keyboard
AKA=as known as
ALOL=actually laughing out loud
AWOL=absent without leave
FTTE=Friends until the end/friends `til the end
SOL=Shit outta luck
BTW=By the Way
CD9=Code 9(parent's are around)

These Are common

rare ones:

BME=based on my experience

Ven's big Sticky of Ven's and common Text talk

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