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 Funny moments I've had in my sick days

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Phoenix Darkness
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Funny moments I've had in my sick days Empty
PostFunny moments I've had in my sick days

1. I was playing Dark Cloud, going through a dungeon with my, so far, favorite weapon, the Wise Owl Sword. Going through a combo, when this screen comes up. (Warning! Wise Owl Sword has reached its limit!) You can't enter the menu to use a repair powder while in a combo, so it broke. My favorite sword broke.
Funny moments I've had in my sick days Search?q=Wise+Owl+Sword&view=detail&id=3D5F1F5BEB582ABF6A392278A39C37D4E9D65157&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR&qpvt=Wise+Owl+Sword

2. There's a monster called "5cm".

3. List of weird monsters in a dungeon called shipwreck.
a) Carcea (an undead sailor)
b) Gunny (a lobster in a clam)
c) Gyon (a fish with a spear that tries to rape you, no just charges at you)
d) Captain (undead captain)
e) Captain's Chariot (a cannon)
f) 5cm (an ice elemental)

4. An odd cutscence between a Captain, a Carcea, and a Captain's Chariot.
bits of dialogue: (Feed 'em to the sharks!)
(Captain, he's over there.)
(Feed em to the sharks!)

I will take this potato chip... and eat it!
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Funny moments I've had in my sick days

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