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 What I intend to do this summer

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Phoenix Darkness
Phoenix Darkness

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What I intend to do this summer Empty
PostWhat I intend to do this summer

#1 Beat Mother 3

#2 Beat L.A. Noire

#3 get 100% achievements on at least one game.

#4 get gold back

I will take this potato chip... and eat it!
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What I intend to do this summer :: Comments

Phoenix Darkness
I beat L.A. Noire today, so #2 is crossed off and I'm trying to get 100% on it... which will be fucking hard.

start quote: ( drive all vehicles{95 of them}, complete all street crimes{40, spread out over L.A.}, and find and inspect all film reels{I've beaten the story,and didn'tfind any)
Ventus BBS
Re: What I intend to do this summer
Post on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:00 am  Ventus BBS
well I've already completed 23 street crimes found 6 of the 95 vehicles(I don't jack people unless I completely destroy my own car) and I've found 1 film reel so good luck
adding "Watch all of Death Note" and "Get money by babysitting" Right now I've got $2 per hour, $2.50 if it's in my fathers or my step-mother's free time. But... I've got $28, so any ideas on what I should get?

Oh, and I beat Dragon Age 2, which is an awesome game.

What I intend to do this summer

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